Strasse: 180/198 Posadskogo St.
PLZ / Ort: RUS-410005 Saratov
Telefon: +7 (84 52)-21 52 25 Postfach:
Telefax: +7 (84 52)-21 40 83 Postfach-PLZ:
Stankotrading Ltd. is a complex company, combining search, preparation works and sale of used metalworking and forge and press machinery. Our company has many years of experience in supply of heavy duty and unique machine tools, forge and press machinery to such countries as China, South Korea, Egypt and Turkey.

Since year 2000, our main products are: KZTS - Kramatorsk heavy duty and unique lathes weighing from 100 to 350 tons; KOLOMNA and SEDIN double ram vertical lathes with swing ranging from 2500 mm to 5000 mm; SKODA, TOSHIBA, STANKO horizontal boring and milling machines; UZTS - Ulyanovsk plano mills; roll grinding machines; gear machines; forge and press machinery of TMP - Voronezh and NKMZ - Kramatorsk makes for hot forging and stamping; plate bending machines; sheet levelling machines; multi-slide machines.

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