Firmenname: Kek-Gardner Ltd.
Strasse: Springwood Way
PLZ / Ort: UK-SK10 2ND Macclesfield
Telefon: +44 1625 665999 Postfach:
Telefax: +44 1625 665998 Postfach-PLZ:
Kek-Gardner manufacture a wide range of equipment and systems for Powder Handling and Processing in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries based around their core technologies of milling, sifting and mixing. - The Kek-Gardner range of equipment includes;- - Centrifugal Sifters - for continuous sifting of dry powders and granules - Solids/Liquids Separators - for de-watering applications - Kibbler Prebreakers - for coarse to medium size reduction - Cone Mills - for gentle, low energy milling - Universal Mills - for fine grinding to typically 100 micron - Air Classifier Mills - for ultra fine milling - Mixers of various styles, with either ploughshare, ribbon or paddle agitators, often customised to meet specific user requirements - Double Cone and Y Cone Blenders for a more gentle mixing action.

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Verfahrenstechnik nach Branchen/Einsatzgebieten / Lebensmittel
Verfahrenstechnik nach Branchen/Einsatzgebieten / Herstellung/Verarbeitung von Feststoffen
Verfahrenstechnik nach Branchen/Einsatzgebieten / Herstellung/Verarbeitung von Flüssigkeiten
sonstige Ausrüstung, Technik und Hilfsmittel / Chemikalien allgemein
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